Detoxner Detox

DETOXNER® Detox is an oral, natural bowel-cleansing regimen that restores your intestinal balance, leaving you refreshed and revitalized.


We all lead busy lives, to the point where most of us sometimes feel tired and stressed. What we eat and drink may not always be the healthiest choice. These factors negatively impact on our intestinal system. It may not be the easiest subject to talk about, but a well-balanced bowel system is important to our health and our sense of well-being. As part of the digestive system, the bowel has two major functions: to digest food and absorb nutrients, (but also some medicines), into the bloodstream and to expel waste products and toxins.

Your intestines contain billions of bacteria, both useful and harmful. Normally, this intestinal flora is well-balanced. But a busy lifestyle may disturb the balance and upset your bowels: bowel movements become irregular, your intestinal activity is affected and so is the moisture level and maneuverability of your stool. The result? Your energy level drops and you feel weakened.

DETOXNER® is a high-quality, bio-active product that rapidly optimizes your bowel function and adjusts disturbances effectively. It has a strong purifying and cleansing effect, supporting your metabolism. You may notice the effect of DETOXNER® DETOX in as little as one day.

DETOXNER® DETOX is based on the patented 2QR-complex*, a bioactive compound derived from plants. 2QR-complex* is unique in its ability to selectively neutralize harmful bacteria. Its prebiotic ingredients act as ‘power food’ for the useful bacteria, supporting their development and growth. As a result, DETOXNER® DETOX restores balance to the intestinal flora, adjusting and optimizing the bowel function. This unique effect is absolutely natural and harmless.

DETOXNER® DETOX also stimulates the uptake of valuable nutrients, with a special combination of fibers, (Psyllium and Inulin), that regulate bowel movements and the moisture level of your stool. These plant fibers also stimulate the activity of your intestines and improve stool consistency.


The effects of DETOXNER® DETOX can be noticed on the first day of use:

  • DETOXNER® DETOX activates the bowel movements, (peristalsis)
  • DETOXNER® DETOX corrects and optimizes the natural micro flora
  • DETOXNER® DETOX regulates the moisture balance and the stool
  • DETOXNER® DETOX supports the uptake of nutrients


One box of DETOXNER® DETOX contains 5 sachets, (DETOXNER®-mix), and 20 effervescent tablets, (DETOXNER®-drink). The DETOXNER®-mix powder contains a high-grade mix of 2QR-complex*, Fructo-oligosaccharides, Psyllium, and Inulin. The DETOXNER®-drink tablets contain 2QR-complex*, fructo-oligosaccharides and Inulin.

* The 2QR-complex is a patented ingredient that consists of natural polysaccharides, (galactoarabinan, polyglucuronic acid crosspolymer). 


DETOXNER® DETOX is a 5-day programme. On five consecutive days, you start your day with one glass of DETOXNER®-mix on an empty stomach. Over the course of each day, you also drink 4 DETOXNER®-drinks: early morning, (after your glass of DETOXNER®-mix), and with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

To get the most out of your 5-day programme:

  • Drink plenty of water, (1.5 liters per day)
  • Make sure you have enough physical activity
  • Avoid alcohol, coffee and meat
  • Eat light meals

You can also occasionally use DETOXNER® DETOX as a one-day boost to your system: 1 sachet and 4 tablets. Please note: for optimal bowel function it is important to drink plenty of water (1.5 litres a day) and to make sure you have enough physical activity. This is especially important during the 5-day DETOXNER® DETOX programme. We also recommend you avoid alcohol, coffee and meat during the programme.

DETOXNER® DETOX is a Medical Device, read the instructions for use before use.