Frequently asked questions

Detoxner IBS Intense

  • Can I eat my normal diet during my 5-day DETOXNER® IBS Intense programme?

    Yes. However, for the best result we recommend you avoid alcohol, coffee and meat and eat light meals. Make sure you drink plenty of water (1.5 litres per day).

  • When do I not use DETOXNER® IBS Intense?
    • If you are hypersensitive to any of the ingredients
    • If you experience sudden abdominal pain
    • If you experience vague abdominal pain or if there is any risk of bowel perforation
    • If you suffer from acute inflammatory bowel disease (such as ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s)
    • If you suffer from an intestinal obstruction
    • If you have undergone bowel surgery
    • If you are a child under 16
  • Do I need to stop taking prescribed medication, vitamins/supplements during my 5-day DETOXNER® IBS Intense programme?

    Please continue to take all medications prescribed by your doctor. However, a minimal period of 2 hours between taking DETOXNER® IBS Intense (Mix or Drink) and medication is advised. The same goes for vitamins and/or supplements. DETOXNER® IBS Intense may alter the intestinal passage time and can affect the uptake of medicines and other substances.

  • Can I continue to work out/exercise during my 5-day DETOXNER® IBS Intense programme?

    Although it is important to have enough physical activity during the programme, we recommend you do not work out excessively, as it is equally important to allow your body to rest.

  • Can I do a 5-day DETOXNER® IBS Intense programme if I am pregnant or nursing?

    No contraindications are known, however it is advisable for pregnant and breastfeeding women to consult a physician before taking DETOXNER® IBS Intense.

  • Can I do the 5-day DETOXNER® IBS Intense programme on a busy work schedule?

    Of course. Simply follow the instructions: 1 DETOXNER® IBS Intense Mix in the morning on an empty stomach, 4 DETOXNER® IBS Intense Drinks throughout the day. All you have to do is take DETOXNER® IBS Intense with you to your place of work and make sure there is enough water and/or fruit juice available.

  • Are there any side effects during the 5-day DETOXNER® IBS Intense programme?

    Constipation may occur if you do not add enough water to the powder and/or tablet. Your abdomen may feel ‘full’. This will naturally subside. Some people experience a slight headache. This too will subside. Increased flatulence during the first days, a different smell of the stool, a positive change in your stool’s consistency, and an increased frequency of bowel movements are simply indicators that DETOXNER® IBS Intense is in fact doing what it is supposed to do.