• "Noticed an improvement within a day or two. Packaging discreet. Easy to use. Side effects minimal and didn’t stop me going about my daily life. Waiting to see if the effects last beyond the 5 day course as just completed it. Great it’s all natural. "
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  • "The science behind it makes sense. Glad I’ve tried it. Have also bought the maintenance course and will continue with that. "
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  • "I bought the product earlier this week. The product is easy to use, just one sachet per day. I already had relief in just two days! The effervescent tablets have a nice taste of lemon."
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  • "I bought this recently having tried virtually everything on the market. I was amazed, but happy of course, to note the significant difference this made within the first two days. I am so glad I tried it and will be continuing to use it. I recommend it and can only say that it has really worked for me. I feel it has made a huge difference. Am amazed and very pleased! "
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